Labor of Love

Just in the nick of time for their daughter’s wedding, a long time client adds a pool and cabana as a beautiful setting for the wedding. And it just happens to be as inviting as any far-flung resort.

Sometimes clients end up as dear friends. One such couple, with whom we have worked for over a decade, came to us to help create a little slice of paradise. A general site for the pool had been designed in conjunction with the main house, but because of the busy-ness of life and various children heading to college, that part of the project was shelved. When their oldest daughter decided to be married at their home, the pool project was revived, and the time “on the shelf” actually yielded a touch of paradise. From drawings to material and furniture selections, we (and the heroic contractor) pushed to have it all ready for the wedding ceremony, installing the finishing touches as the wedding party arrived for the rehearsal. It was truly a joy to complete.


  • Interiors: Marcus Mohon
  • Photography: Casey Dunn
  • Landscape: Jim Hyatt
  • Construction: Dalgleish Construction
  • Architectural Design: Marcus Mohon with Erin Schneider
We gave the cabana a back-story, treating it as if it had once been the gardner's cottage. It and the adjoining pergola have the same authentic southern European feeling as the main house but with a decidedly simpler attitude.

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