Villa Romanza

Austin is adventurous. Known for its live music, high-tech industry and progressive population, people here are open to trying new things. This was certainly true for a family west of Austin. The husband and wife are design aesthetes and knew from the start that authenticity was important to them. Influenced by the landscape of the Texas Hill Country, which rolls up to the edge of Austin, the house was designed along a meandering axis that follows the ridge of the site. Marcus and the residents worked out many of the details as the house was being built. The resulting structure, with staggered elevations, transports you to another time and place — one born of imagination.


  • Interiors: Marcus Mohon
  • Photography: Casey Dunn, Matthew Millman, Dominique Vorillion
  • Construction: Dalgleish Construction
  • Architecture: Gary Koerner and Gary Furman
  • Story: Caren Curlander
  • Publication: Western Interiors & Design
Inside the design took on a more personal perspective. “They had a lot of Spanish antiques but did not want it to look like a period house,” says Marcus. They also had an art collection of Spanish masters and modern works, so we wanted the whole house to reflect that contrast. This mix is most apparent in the living room, where the couple’s antiques have a dialogue with contemporary custom pieces.
The design constantly vibrates between classic and contemporary and never falls flat.

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